Syma Helicopter S107G Mini 3 Channel Gyro Double Protection

Syma helicopter Introduction

After flying the Syma helicopter indoors for about one month, I have to say that it is one of the most under-rated Syma helicopter out there. I got a yellow one, and find it great fun to fly. The Syma helicopter has only 3-way controls, but competes surprisingly well with the likes of the Blade MCX2 with 4-way controls. Actually, a lot of action can be achieved: up & down, forward & backward, left & right, hover nicely. Take quite the beating!

Syma helicopter

Syma helicopter High Quality

I am very pleased with the quality, with Doube-deck propeller, alloy fuselage, vernier adjustment, knob design and gyro, which help it stay steady and flexible during flight. The trim metal body and snug plastic hood fit well. After many trial, I am literally surprised that I haven’t broken it yet.

Syma helicopter

Syma helicopter Easy-Control

It is fairly easy to control. The controller has two different joy sticks: One is for throttle, the other for control. It requires 6 x AA batteries( not included) to power the controller. Of course, it can also be charged by USB cable to PC/Tablet.  Yet there is a fly in the ointment, its control distance is about 10m. Well,  I can understand for this price range.

Syma helicopter

Well, I’ve got about 7 minutes of flight time after charging it every 30-40 minutes.

Syma helicopter

That blinking navigational light in the Syma S107G mini helicopter’s nose makes it look positively sentient when it is hovering in front of you. Really a great night flyer!

You’ll find this little guy a big fun!!

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  • Feb 3, 2016 at 8:47 am

    Dear Mr. Paul McWhorter, I just wanted to thank you for explaining the serial communication “thing” in such a simple way…. I can finally move on…. Ever since I saw Jeremy Blum’s videos I thought he was the best….. I even bought his book “Exploring Arduino”, but, having stumbled upon your series of Arduino Tutorials – may I suggest you write a book… Seriously! Oh, and BTW – as of today, you are on my list The BEST teacher/tutor in the realm of micro-controllers – e.g. Arduino world…..


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