Nighthawk RC Quadcopter DM007 2.4G 6 Axis RTF 2.0MP HD Camera

Nighthawk RC Quadcopter Introduction

The Nighthawk DM007 SPY is earning its spot as one of the best small RC quads in 2015. With sleek, dynamic-looking, it is capable of high-flying HD recording, good for both beginner and experienced pilots.

Nighthawk RC Quadcopter

To get started, connect the battery to the connector at the bottom of the quad and insert it inside under the camera. Since there is no on-off switch, this thing will be on automatically after connecting the battery to the connector. It take 4 AA size batteries for the transmitter. Switch on the transmitter and you will receive a beep sound. To connect the transmitter to the quad, push the throttle stick up and down, you will hear a beep sound which means the transmitter is now connected the quad is ready to fly.

Nighthawk RC Quadcopter

Nighthawk RC Quadcopter Excellent for RC Beginner

As a micro quad, surely, it can fly indoors. But you still fly it outside freely. For a beginner, first try the take off and landing. Fly a little slower and at low level first and then increase your height and speed. Practice the hovering first and move further to some advance levels. To perform the flip, press the rollover key on the upper right of the transmitter and move the right control stick to the direction you want to do the flip.

Nighthawk RC Quadcopter

Nighthawk RC Quadcopter Operation Modes

This Nighthawk DM007 SPY has two speed modes: high and Low. To change the mode of flying, press the mode button on the upper left of the transmitter and you will get the notification on the transmitter about the mode that you have selected. Also, there are trim buttons on the transmitter. If the quad moves to some direction while take off, press the key of that direction to trim it.

The LED lights installed on the front and back of the body make it possible to track your drone while flying at night.

Nighthawk RC Quadcopter

Meanwhile, this thing has a 2MP camera attached to the bottom of drone along with a 4GB micro SD card for capturing and storing aerial footage and photographs. To take the pictures, press the camera button upward; To shoot a video, press it downward. The green light in the camera means the recording has been started. Remember to press the video button again when you finish the recording, without which the recording will not be saved. Meanwhile, the camera is detachable. If you’re not doing any recording, then remove it to conserve the battery and increase flight time.

Nighthawk RC Quadcopter

Overall, the Nighthawk DM007 SPY is a solid beginner drone around $50.

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