Udi RC Quadcopter HD Camera 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RTF

This UdiRC U818A is a great flying little quad. The auto-stabilization make it great for someone learning to fly as well as a stable platform for practicing aerial photography.

Udi RC Quadcopter

Udi RC Quadcopter Excellent Control System

Unlike other lower end quads, this actually comes with a controller that fits comfortably in an adult’s hands! Also, there are a couple of pretty cool buttons on the controller that will help with tricks: digital trim settings and a digital readout showing throttle setting, remote battery life, trim settings, camera settings, etc,.

Udi RC Quadcopter

What’s more, the quadcopter has the 360 inversion button you can tap to make the quad do flips. Be sure to have some altitude before doing this and be ready to hit the throttle again to keep the quad from hitting the ground. You can also use the top left button for this, press it and when it starts beeping you can tap you rudder controls up, down, left, or right to make the Udi RC Quadcopter flip in the direction you like, this is a little more fun than just the 360 inversion.

Udi RC Quadcopter

Udi RC Quadcopter High Quality Display

The camera itself is nothing to write home about but it works as advertised, shooting 640×480 AVI, not exactly HD but you are still able to get quality video and still shots when loitering at altitude. It comes with a 1 gig Micro SD card and I use a USB cable to copy the video files to my computer instead of taking the SD out every time I’m sure taking the card in and out so much will wear it out fairly quick.

Udi RC Quadcopter

Udi RC Quadcopter Efficient Power

One thing to note is that there is plenty of power to send this Udi RC Quadcopter quickly out of your control range, which will then cause the Udi RC Quadcopter to loose synch and flutter lightly back to the ground (or tree top). However, this quad is virtually a tough little bird. Crash after crash, it continues to perform reliably. Additionally, it possess such nice features as headless mode and one-key return.

Udi RC Quadcopter

Overall, this UdiRC U818A is giving me some great training on the physics of a quad and how to fly one. The structure is sturdy; it is camera ready; and it has over a 30m range; what more can you ask for?

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