RC Quadcopter Walkera Runner 250 RTF HD Camera

RC Quadcopter Walkera Special Feature Introduction

When it comes to Walkera Runner 250, the word ”traversing” is what I want to say.  This RC Quadcopter Walkera can make players fly with fun, apturing the great moments during flight, and giving you fantastic traversing experience. Let’s go and take a insight look!

RC Quadcopter Walkera

RC Quadcopter Walkera Easy to Control

In compared with the general RC quadcopter models, Walkera Runner 250 has ultrafast flight speed(35-40km/h) that based on tactile control, so would provide you super speed carefree experience. The RC Quadcopter has remote control frequency, which is up to 2.4 GHz. It is in high sensitivity, and the exceptionally long remote control distance will up to 1,000 km. Its quick response can ensure accurate operation during flight.

RC Quadcopter Walkera

RC Quadcopter Walkera Excellent Transmitter

Walkera Runner 250 officially comes with DEVO F7 transmitter and DEVO-RX71- receiver, which allows you to operate it freely. Furthermore, its detailed images can be transferred with no delay, as it has OSD real-time data display. Such detailed camera technology included battery, voltage, flying positions, angle of inclination and pitch. All of these features are benefit from the built-in head tracking system.

RC Quadcopter Walkera

RC Quadcopter Walkera HD Camera Display

Much to my surprise, the quadcopter also can be matched with Goggle2 FPV glasses. Hence it is able to support clear viewing even in low light or wet conditions. Its HD camera is based on 800TVL PAL/NTSC. Hence it will certainly will give you an unprecedented visual feast.

RC Quadcopter Walkera
Walkera Runner 250 has outstanding stability when flying under different circumstance. Its aim is to provide “traversing” feeling incisively and vividly for its consumers. Hence that’s why Walkera Runner 250 is distinguished from other general RC Quadcopters.   The Charge time of this RC mdoel is about 120 minutes. You can also have 12-14 minutes flight in the sky!
RC Quadcopter Walkera
Much efforts have been made to ensure every single detail of Walkera Runner 250 is in perfect condition. Its body is made of high strength carbon fiber material. It also has high quality front and back lamps. The practical modular design is specially for easy maintenance. The beautiful and solid packaging can prevent any transportation damages.

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