Walkera MASTER CP Flybarless 6-Axis RC Helicopter HOT Sale

Walkera MASTER CP Introduction

Experienced RC model players overall have positive feedback about Walkera Master CP ! As one of the remarkable Walkera CPs series, the Master CP model features a compact and concise structure. It is 440mm in overall length and 350g in overall weight. This 6CH 3D Walkera Master CP model is suitable for different levels pilots, special for 3D beginners.

Walkera Master CP

Walkera MASTER CP High Operating Efficiency

Personally I prefer compelling colors, but I won’t deny this is a nice heli! Utilized by 200 size collective pitch lever, Walkera Master CP features very low CG conducive to stronger resistance when flying in windy situations. Its flybarless system not only improves response speed but also increases flight efficiency.

Walkera Master CP

The walkera Master model utilizes the flight control system based on 6axis gyro, so it can has super smooth and stable rising, descending, turning left or right, moving forward or backward. In addition, Walkera Master CP is capable of full aerobatics such as hovering, rolling, 360º rotating, flipping, crabbing, inverted flying as well as vertical flying. It also can automatically correct flying attitude when deviating specified direction.

Walkera Master CP

Walkera MASTER CP Excellent Electronic System

What’s more, its independent electronic speed controller is excellent for heat radiation. The main rotor plastic blade and the built-in carbon fiber features great toughness, allowing the helicopter to survive many crashes. Overall, the durable Walkera MASTER model has integrated structure, removable skid landing as well as tough canopy. Even when emergency occurred during flying, you can handle it easily!

Walkera Master CP

The main motor is good for 400 class helicopters. Walkera Master CP is rock solid with its own motor and its big blades. It’s so easy to learn fly as well as to enjoy the flights. If used DEVO transmitters, users don’t have to make any adjustments during flight time.

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