XK Stunt Quadcopter X350 Air Dancer Aircraft 4CH 6-Axis 3D 6G Mode RTF

XK Stunt Quadcopter Intrdoction

The professional XK Stunt X350 quadcopter  air dancer aircraft features innovative flight technology. It is a RC model that you can fly just about anywhere. Its performance edge will makes your flight experience more fun than you could imagine. Let’s take a insights into this brand new XK Stunt Quadcopter.

XK Stunt Quadcopter

You’ve probably flied valiant and heroic single-blade quadcopter. However, you may hardly experience a tri-blade model like Walkera 4F200LM. The special model is a collective pitch quadcopter, which means all 3 main blades can change angles to generate more wind for quick moves.

XK Stunt Quadcopter

XK Stunt Quadcopter Stable Design

The blade quadcopter is super stable and smooth in normal flights like rising, descending, turning left and right, moving forward and backward. Let alone, Walkera 4F200LM is capable of hovering, rolling, 360º rotating, flipping, crabbing, pitching, vertical flying and inverted flying. If equipped with a capable transmitter, more amazing flights are allowed.

Delicate body design is very convenient for taking and maintenance. 3D 6G mode can be converted easily. 3D lock mode is to improve posture and increase stability, even primary level can fly it as an expert. The 6G mode keep stable, which let the quadcopter flying stable when you loosen the transmitter in any case.

XK Stunt Quadcopter
This RC quadcopter can hang FPV to make you enjoy beautiful landscape during flying. Its bi-directional brusheless motor and quick response ESC can help you to do extreme 3D aerobatic flights. Integrated molding, only 770g. PC+ABS material and integrated molding tech make it smooth appearance and impact resistance.

XK Stunt Quadcopter

XK Stunt Quadcopter Excellent Technology

Specialized transmitter will make its flying much safer and reliable. The 2.4Ghz communication technology makes 1000m control distance and no interference in any other transmitters during fly. High efficient brushless motor. 2212 1400KV brusheless motor provides strong power. High discharge rate battery. X350 is equiped with 11.1V 2200mAh high discharge rate battery. The powered flight time is about 10mins, normal flight time is more than 15 mins.

All in all, XK Stunt X350 quadcopter  is the capable kit for relatively experienced players. The main blade adopts carbon fiber of great toughness can’t be deformed easily. The blade player is suited to fly both indoor and outdoor. Of course, indoor flight requires wide and open space.

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