Walkera RC Helicopter 4F200LM High Simulation 2.4G 3D

Walkera RC Helicopter Introduction

You may have tried heroic single-blade helicopters. However, not so many tri-blade helicopter are as good as Walkera 4F200LM. This model is a collective pitch helicopter, which means all 3 main blades can change angle to generate more wind for quick moving. It can also move much quicker than normal fixed pitch helicopters. Now I will discuss insight about the Walkera 4F200LM model.

Walkera RC Helicopter

Walkera RC Helicopter Technological Details

This model is 448mm in overall length, and it only weighs 410g with battery included. Its compact and concise structure can achieve agile and smooth flights. The three-blade main rotor CNC is composed of metal blade holder, metal rotor head and metal swash-plate. All these rotors eases 3D stunts operation. Besides, its flybarless system increases response speed and flight efficiency as well.

Walkera RC Helicopter

The tri-blade helicopter is super stable and smooth in normal flying like rising, descending, turning left and right, moving forward and backward. Furthermore, Walkera 4F200LM is capable of hovering, rolling, 360º rotating, flipping, crabbing, pitching, vertical flying and inverted flying. If equipped with a capable transmitter, longer flying time is allowed. The helicopter can instantly response with a certain transmitter for its excellent pulling power.

Walkera RC Helicopter

Walkera RC Helicopter Great Control System

Walkera 4F200LM can automatically correct its attitude when flying into wrong direction thanks to its 3axis gyro flight control system. 3Axis gyro can sense X, Y and Z axis moments, including leaning forward or backward, body rolling left or right, tail drifting CW or CWW. It can also constantly monitor any off-balance in all directions, and give signal to all CCPM servos and rudder servo to balance the helicopter.

Walkera RC Helicopter

Walkera 4F200LM adopts the translucent ABS plastic canopy made. Such ABS is of great toughness to survive many crashes. I’ve never saw a helicopter can resembles the bee perfectly, especially when flying at very high altitude. To some extents, it can help pilot identify the flying direction. Every part of the helicopter seems so intentional but reasonable. All parts forms into the great three-blade helicopter.

Walkera RC Helicopter

Overall, Walkera 4F200LM is the ideal choice for experienced pilots. The main blade adopts carbon fiber for great toughness. The remote distance is about 300m to 500m. Considering its size, the tri-blade helicopter is suitable to fly both indoor and outdoor, but the former case requires wide and open space.

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