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RC18 Series Using Tips Camber & Ballstud Height

You can change the front or rear roll center by raising or lowering the inner ballstud. Camber is the angle of the tops of the wheels from straight up and down. It is very rare that you will ever use positive Camber. Giving one end of the car less Camber gives that end less traction in the corners, in most cases. For example, if your car is loose, you could either add a degree of rear Camber or take out a degree of front Camber. A lower roll center will put more weight on the tires during cornering, and increases traction to that end of the car. Leaning the top of the tire in is Negative Camber, leaning the top of the tire out is Positive Camber.

RC18 Series

RC18 Series Using Tips Ride Height

For high bite tracks, use a slightly lower Ride Height. For low traction, raise the truck up slightly. Raising the Ride Height will cause the car to roll more good for low traction. This will also help the truck through rough and bumpy areas of the track. Ride Height is the distance measured from the bottom of the chassis to the ground. In the rear, Ride Height should be set to where the dogbones are set to level. In the front, set the Ride Height to where the dogbones are level or slightly above.  This adjustment should always be made with the car in race ready condition, meaning all electronics installed, including the motor and battery.

 RC18 Series

RC18 Series Using Tips Mounting Positions & Vehicle Weight

One way to fix this is to add weight to the right side of the vehicle. Most of the Team drivers add approximately 1.5 oz., usually placing it under the ESC. This will help balance the truck and, with the added weight, stabilize it with the higher horsepower that is available today. Another way to reduce weight is to use the Lithium Polymer battery packs that are becoming more commercially available.  On the front, standing the Shock up will make the front feel stiffer and will decrease steering, but increase damping. Laying the Shock down will make it feel softer and increase steering, but decrease damping. Please be aware that even though the LiPo packs produce a LOT of power in a small, lightweight package, they are also quite volatile and, if not properly cared for, can erupt and cause serious injury. Great care has to be taken when using these batteries.

RC18 Series


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