Cheerson CX 10 4CH 6-Axis Gyro Wifi FPV RTF Warranty

Cheerson CX 10 Overview

If you are looking for a nice gift for the upcoming birthday or other special event of your child, the happiness he can get when receiving Original cheerson cx 10 Gyro Quadcopter is beyond compare. This original cheerson cx 10 Wi-Fi FPV RC quadcopter, shaped similar to UFO is definitely what your children need. Aside from allowing them to enjoy the day playing with this toy, they can learn the main goals of playing this quadcopter. The built-in cheerson cx 10 6-axis gyro promises a stable flight along the way, while its mini body makes it very unique and attractive. Having one means knowing the amount of fun you can get.

cheerson cx 10

Cheerson CX 10 Features

  • Left/right, up/down, hovering, side flight
  • 4 mini quadcopter channel
  • Switch among H/L speed
  • Built in 6-axis gyro feature guarantees a stable, cool flight
  • Gravity sensing mode makes it more exciting to control the drone
  • LED light perfectly designed for night flight
  • Battery with secured function
  • Wi-Fi real-time FPV allows the world to bring in front of you
  • 3 MP camera lets the user record videos and take photos
  • Enables users to play it simultaneously; transmission function features 8 frequency points to assure they don’t interrupt each other

cheerson cx 10

Cheerson CX 10 Hands on Testing


Why the need of getting an original cheerson cx 10 quadcopter for an ultimate gaming experience?

  • Comes in three colors including silver, red and golden
  • The three speed mode will bring different game flying experience. User can select threshold, in accordance with the proficiency of his/her control. cheerson cx 10 is easier to handle.
  • The built-in 6-axis gyroscope acts as an intelligent directional controller. Its flying control system will automatically alters sensitivity of the gyroscope to ensure more steady flying experience
  • Though original Cheerson is small, cheerson cx 10 has the ability to hold a 150mAh lithium battery, which makes the length of flight become 4 to 5 minutes, as well as to be the unmanned aircraft with the extended length of flight in size.
  • Durable, resistant high-strength material. The system’s external protection implements ABS improvement material. cheerson cx 10 has flexibility and extendibility can protect interior parts, falling durable and resistant, when dropped during the process of flying.
  • Bright and colorful LED. Surely, the bright and colorful LED can ensure a perfect flying at night.

Even though Original cheerson cx 10 Gyro Quadcopter comes at lower prices, your expectations would definitely surpassed because of the impressive, robust and excellent quality of cheerson cx 10. This is one of the valid reasons why increasingly more customers prefer using this toy for their kids.


So far, there are no bad or poor feedbacks about cheerson cx 10 Quadcopter. The only concern is its small space. Overall, the quality of cheerson cx 10 is next to none, thus children and even adults can enjoy the benefits of owning one and adding it in their game collections.

cheerson cx 10

Cheerson CX 10 Conclusion

For an ultimate game flying experience, Original cheerson cx 10 Quadcopter guarantees a fun, stable flying even at night. This is due to the colorful and bright LED that spices up the gaming experience of kids and even adults.


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