Syma X8G RC 2.4G 6 Axis Gyro 4-CH Headless HD Camera

Syma X8G Overview

For an excellent flight performance and experience, nothing beats the quality of Syma X8G axis gyro quadcopter, specifically designed for those who want to try the other side of gaming experience. One of the easy to fly quadcopter, Syma X8G axis gyro features a HD camera, 720p/1080p for option. Aside from that, Syma X8G possesses 30 degree rotational function and a high accuracy six-axis gyro stabilization system that offers a wonderful performance of flight. Syma X8G is perfect for advanced pilots and beginners alike.

Syma X8G

Syma X8G Technological Features

There are several reasons why owning a Syma X8G gyro quadcopter should be highly considered due to its amazing and unique features. These include:

  • Forwards and backwards/raise and down/left and right flying/left and right turning/photograph/video
  • Easy to assemble; convenient for maintenance
  • 6-axis gyro quad-rotorcraft flight, resilient stability
  • Features a HD camera, with 720p/1080p for option
  • 360 degree eversion function and throwing flight
  • With a product size of 19cmx50cm
  • Headless function can easily recall the aircraft/no need for position adjustment of aircraft before flying
  • Resistant to wind, can be flied both outdoor and indoor
  • Charging way is USB charging

Syma X8G

Syma X8G Hands on Testing


Definitely, Syma X8G axis gyro quadcopter will you offer various benefits to make your flying experience a one of a kind. What makes Syma X8G very popular among novice and expert pilots?

  • A key 360 degree roll is a continuous roll, which is a perfect choice for an action and great performance.
  • In headless state/mode, operators are not required anymore to identify the position of the headpiece of a certain aircraft. They only need to control the Syma X8G according to the route of remote control’s functioning rod.
  • The blade protector of Syma X8G is made of very elastic flexible protective circle, which prevents the blades in flight to result in wear, thus anti-fall and anti-collision performance will be improved further.
  • Colorful flashing lights keep the Syma X8G quite excellent especially when flying at night.
  • Syma X8G 4GHz is an exceptional bandwidth and frequency. With Spread Spectrum Technology, further remote distance can be achieved, least consumption of power and best anti-interference ability. So, users can be able to fly more helicopters at once, its speed reaction is many times faster than other radio control.


If there are benefits, also you can expect disadvantages of an item/product. Adding Syma X8G axis gyro quadcopter in the collection of your games is such a brilliant decision due to its various benefits with less drawbacks. To this point, there are no cons discovered yet in using this item. From ease of use and usefulness to price and build quality, it has received an excellent star among consumers of any types.

Syma X8G

Syma X8G Conclusion

Not all products are the same, therefore if you are looking for an ideal toy you can share with your children during weekend or free time, Syma X8G axis gyro quadcopter is one of the elite choices. From features to benefits, you will surely look no further. The colorful flashing lights add twist to the flying performance and experience, since pilots (both beginners and experts) can enjoy the thrilling and fun game experience of flying.


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