Wltoys Car A959 1:18 Scale 2.4G 4WD RTR Off-Road Buggy

Wltoys Car A959 Overview

Early in the year 2013, Wltoys created small surprise in RC-car world through introducing 3 1/12th scale brushed 2-WD car L959 as buggy, L969 as short course truck, L979 as the monster truck. As you can observe, more and more toy stores now offer various kinds of RC toy cars. If you want to have a thrilling, fun, and exciting experience, this is now the perfect time to purchase and try this Wltoys car A959 1/18 1:18 2.4G 4WD TRT Off-Road Buggy Car. Wltoys car is packed with amazing and cool features, which in turn will let you become even more motivated to try other models.

Wltoys car

Wltoys Car A959 Features

  • 1/18 Scale, which is suitable for both outdoor and indoor control
  • 4 WD 2.4 GH RC car buggy style
  • 4-wheel independent suspension
  • High quality car body
  • Comes with four-wheel shock absorbers
  • Two differentials
  • 100m control distance
  • 45km/h for high speed

Wltoys car

Wltoys Car A959 Hands on Testing

At the first glance of this Wltoys car, you will absolutely recognize L9x9 touch in terms of the structure and chassis. This innovation in toy cars provides pass from 2 WD to a 4 WD. This toy car is driven by the miniature engines as well as series of gears right inside it. There are two different types of engines; combustion engine, which has operating principles that are similar to the real car and the other one, is electric engine that gets its own power from rechargeable battery to spin the rest of the gears. Wltoys car just like this Wltoys buggy car is primarily powered by the rechargeable batteries that are directly connected to the geared motor. The motor on the other hand turns the necessary gears for the toy car to move in forward and backward direction. The best thing about this toy Wltoys car is its simple design and easy maintenance compared to any other types of toy cars available in the market. This is perhaps the main reason why this toy Wltoys car is suited for kids who may not have ideas about the combustion engines.

Wltoys car Wltoys car

Wltoys Car A959 Final Thoughts

Unlike any other types of RC toy cars out there, this Wltoys car car is getting more and more positive reviews from satisfied customers. Aside from its affordable price, this has features that will definitely give the user great experience more than what they have ever imagined. So, if you want to have a cool, yet affordable RC toy cars, do not hesitate to avail this as early as now and be the one to speak for yourself. You will never go wrong when you invest in this Wltoys car. Get ready to amaze your friends with this one of a kind toy car. Indeed, this toy car sets new heights on what an amazing toy car is. Upon availing and using this toy car, you will surely experience nothing but satisfaction. You will then realize what does it takes to own a fantastic RC toy car, which is something you can be very proud of. Your life will become more meaningful every time you play this unique and amazing toy car in town.


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