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Flight Simulator Features Overview

A flight simulator is a device that is created to resemble an airplane’s cockpit. Its computer-generated images mimic the pilot’s view and the aircraft’s motion. Flight simulators are used to train pilots. The first flight simulator was structured around a century ago. The well-known early flight simulator was the Link Trainer. It was manufactured by Edwin Link in Binghamton, New York, United States of America. Link began building this device in 1927 and patented it later. It was available for sale in 1929. It was a basic metal frame flight simulator painted in its famous blue color. Since then various technological advances have made this device robust and easy to use.  Today’s flight simulators are wonders of modern technology. Many companies offer flight simulators, but not all of them are of good quality.

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Flight Simulator Hands on Testing

It is indeed a challenge to find a good quality flight simulator. If you go by the opinion of experts and feedback from users, 6 Channels RC Helicopter Simulator is a good quality product. The 6 Channels RC Helicopter Flight Simulator simulates the scenes of real world model aircraft flying. It helps you enhance your real world flying experience from your PC. You can connect this flight simulator with USB plug; you need not use external power. With the help of this device, you can learn / hone your flying skills fast. It enables you to enjoy the experience of flying freely in the blue sky.

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The 6 Channels RC Helicopter Flight Simulator’s omnibearing 3D tridimensional graphic landscape impresses you. You will be amazed by its sound effects. The six channels are used for various operations like elevating rudder, acceleration and deceleration, flip horizontal, flip vertical, azimuth bearing control, etc; you can also gain control of V-tail. It supports interactive keyboard operations. To use the 6 Channels RC Helicopter Flight Simulator, you need a Pentium III or AMD Athlon 64 compatible processor with at least 800MHz, 1GB free HDD memory space, CD-ROM drive, DirectX version 9.0 application interface, Graphic card with 64MB bus width and 3D sound card. This flight simulator’s dimensions are 190mm X 170mm X 52mm. The length of the USB cable is 1.2m. The unit weight is 485g.

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Flight Simulator Final Words

When you purchase the 6 Channels RC Helicopter Flight Simulator, you get one USB Flight Simulator Transmitter, one CD simulator software and one user manual. The weight of the package is 685g. When you order for this flight simulator, you will receive a confirmation email. After the product is shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information. You can use your preferred shipping method. All processes are created with the goal of achieving customer delight. Before shipping, each and every unit is checked by a professional quality control team. This is to avoid shipping defective units to customers. The 6 Channels RC Helicopter Flight Simulator has received positive reviews from many users. For those of you who are searching for a top quality flight simulator, the 6 Channels RC Helicopter Flight Simulator is the right device.


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