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Camera gimbal Overview


Camera gimbal is a pivoted support that makes rotation of an object about a single axis possible. Gimbals are used to mount camera lenses. In photography equipment, single axis gimbal-heads are used to enable balanced movement of camera and lenses. Camera gimbal is of immense help to wildlife photographers. It is also useful in cases where long and heavy telephoto lenses are adopted: a camera gimbal head rotates a lens around its center of gravity, thereby making easy and smooth manipulation possible while tracking moving objects. In satellite photography (for tracking purposes) large camera gimbal mounts in the form of two or three axis altitude-altitude mounts are used.

camera gimbal

Camera gimbal Testing

Gyrostabilized camera gimbal with multiple sensors are used for airborne surveillance applications like pipe and power line inspection, airborne law enforcement, ISR (intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance) and mapping. Sensors include daylight, thermal imaging, illuminators, low light cameras and laser range finder. Many companies offer this product. In fact, the internet is glutted with camera gimbal offered by companies from all parts of the world. The challenge is to find that camera gimbal that suits your needs; the camera gimbal which is of good quality.

 camera gimbal

The Black CNC FPV Quadcopter BGC 2 Axis Brushless camera gimbal is one such good quality gimbal. It is well-known for its simple structure and light weight. Many users of this RC camera gimbal are impressed by the CNC aluminum alloy structure. This RC camera gimbal is compatible with Gopro 3 camera. It comes with 2208 motors for direct drive. The motor protector in the device takes care of heat dissipation. You can easily adjust the device, thanks to the anti-vibration rubber balls. This black brushless camera gimbal has 2 axis gyro. The flight controller is BGC. The battery’s plug is JST plug. The gimbal weighs around 212g.  When you buy the product, the kit includes one BGC 2 axis brushless gimbal w/ controller & sensor, one camera fix strap (color random), one 5-pin connector, one JST connector, and one screw set. The package size is 17cm X 12cm X 9cm; it weighs around 345g.


The Gopro 3 camera is not included. Before turning the gimbal on, ensure that the camera has been installed. Otherwise the gimbal controller may get damaged. This is very important. When you order for the Black CNC FPV Quadcopter BGC 2 Axis Brushless camera gimbal, you will get a confirmation email. After shipping, the company will email you the tracking details.

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Camera gimbal Final words


There are many shipping options. You can choose whichever is convenient to you. The shipping time depends on your location. For people residing in the US, it is between 10 and 20 business days. You can pay through PayPal, credit card, wire transfer, Western Union, Yandex or QIWI. The company is committed to being a reliable business. That is the reason why a professional quality control team checks each and every item carefully. So you need not worry about receiving defective products. The Black CNC FPV Quadcopter BGC 2 Axis Brushless camera gimbal is a good quality product that has got many positive reviews.


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