How to Clean 3D Printer Nozzle

When you use a 3D printer, the 3D printing material will melt and eject from the nozzle, but it may jam and clog your machine. If you find that your 3D printing material does not pass through the 3D printing nozzle or the 3D printing material is stuck, it may be time to clean the 3D printing nozzle. You can directly clean the 3D printing nozzle on the machine, or you can completely remove it for deep cleaning. When finished, the printer should run smoothly!


1. Pull the consumable from the nozzle
Remove the consumables currently in the printer. Find the “Uninstall” option on the menu of the 3D printer or the program used to run it. After selecting, please wait until the 3D printing nozzle is heated before pulling out the consumables. Pull out the consumables slowly to avoid damage to the machine.

2. If the consumables do not come out, please further heat the 3D printing nozzle until it can be easily pulled out.
Preheat the nozzle to 200°C. After the consumables are removed, the nozzle will begin to cool itself. Enter the 3D printer settings and start heating the nozzle to about 200°C. This will help loosen any remaining consumables that might clog the nozzle. Before proceeding, let the 3D printing nozzles fully heat up. Tip: The 3D printer allows you to adjust the heat settings of multiple parts of the machine. Make sure to only heat the nozzle when cleaning the nozzle.

3. Push the transparent ABS or nylon filament into the nozzle and hold it for 10-15 seconds.
ABS plastic and nylon have high melting points, so it is easier to control clogging. Insert one end of the filament into the hole on the top of the nozzle. Push the filament into the 3D printing nozzle as much as possible until it stops. Keep the filament there for about 10-15 seconds to give it a chance to melt slightly. Avoid using any materials with lower melting points, as they will not retain their shape.

4. Before cutting off the end, pull out the consumables and check for dirt.
After 10-15 seconds, quickly pull the filament out of the 3D printing nozzle. Since ABS or nylon is transparent and slightly melted, you should easily see any residue pulled from the nozzle. Use scissors or scissors to cut about 5 cm from the dirty end of the filament.

5. Repeat the process until the consumables are clean.
Continue to put the end of the filament into the 3D printing nozzle and pull it out after 15 seconds. As you continue to work, consumables should reduce dust and dirt. Continue to clean the 3D printing nozzles until the consumables are pulled out. Be sure to cut off the dirty end of the filament to avoid putting it back in the nozzle.

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