The Cost of 3D Printing

The consumables in FDM 3D printers are nozzles and filament rolls. The price of nozzles is generally a few dollars, while the price of standard consumable rolls has been declining in the past few years, about $15 per kilogram, but the price of special consumables is higher.

For the light-curing 3D printer, the consumable photosensitive resin is expensive, and the price of 1 liter of standard resin is about $70~$120. But the light-curing 3D printer still has some wear parts. For example, the 2K screen used by the Creativity 3D high-performance LCD light-curing 3D printer for projection, due to heat and other factors, needs to be replaced once every six months under medium usage intensity, and the price is about $40. The light source life of DLP is very good, and the life of DP-002 light source is 50,000 hours, but the equipment is expensive.

SparkMaker SLA UV 3D Printer tomtop

With the passage of time, the bottom of the light-curing 3D printing resin material tank may be scratched, which affects the accurate projection of the image by the light source and needs to be replaced. Some manufacturers’ innovative designs can save this cost. For example, the bottom of the SparkMaker SLA UV 3D Printer has a detachable design and can cover the release film, which improves the service life and saves replacement costs.

FDM 3D printers can accept small-scale mass production with ordinary surface quality, and can accept 0.1mm precision, large-size industrial applications or customization, and are very suitable for hobbyists, such as home and school applications.

fdm 3d printer tomtop

Light-curing 3D printers, professional personal enthusiasts, models with very complex details, high precision requirements, used to manufacture casting molds, such as jewelry, dentistry, etc., require high precision and surface finish (FDM can be polished, but it is not easy to control Accuracy), the strength and durability of the model are not high (resin models cannot be exposed to the sun for a long time).

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