Feiyu Pocket Camera vs DJI Osmo Pocket Review

Feiyu Pocket Camera vs DJI Osmo Pocket Review

Feiyu’s new Feiyu Pocket Camera has been launched recently. For the big brother DJI Osmo Pocket, Feiyu’s upgrade has solved the pain points of users.

The weight of the Feiyu Pocket Camera is one of the important features of Feiyu company winning over other brands. Feiyu Pocket Camera is a brand-new handheld shooting device. It adopts the integrated design of pan-tilt and camera, and adopts aluminum alloy body polishing process. The net weight is only 115g, which is as light as Gopro. DJI Osmo Pocket weighs 116g. In terms of imaging, Feiyu Pocket is equipped with a Sony CMOS sensor, which can shoot ultra-high-definition video up to 4K/60fps, up to 120M stream, and a true 4K screen experience. DJI Osmo Pocket Vision is equipped with a 1/2.3-inch sensor, which can shoot high-definition picture quality and high frame rate video up to 4K/60fps, with a stream of up to 100Mbps. Outdoors, taking into account factors such as camping, self-driving trips or the need for large scenes, Feiyu Pocket has a 120° super wide angle with a wider viewing angle, and DJI Osmo Pocket has an 80° wide angle. In contrast, Feiyu pocket has a wider viewing angle. At the same time, Feiyu’s rich variety of trendy gameplays: trajectory time-lapse photography, smart tracking, slow motion, and panoramic photography all bring users a wealth of choices.


Anti-shake technology, since it is a pan-tilt camera, stability is very important. Feiyu Pocket uses 6-axis hybrid anti-shake with a miniature high-torque brushless motor, which can stop the picture in real-time with high-precision correction and compensation, and complete large-scale lossless prevention. Shake, so as to obtain a more high-quality stabilization effect than electronic anti-shake, optical anti-shake.

Comparing with the DJI Osmo Pocket three-axis stabilization platform, in addition to the ordinary stabilization form, Feiyu Pocket also provides a less stable form-FPV form. The meaning of FPV is First Person View, which is the first perspective. After starting this form, the Feiyu Pocket Camera will only filter out the vibration in a small range of about 10 degrees, and save the large range of motion, so that when shooting sports scenes such as roller bikes, skateboards, etc., you can get more and more substituting pictures. At this time, DJI Osmo Pocket is basically equivalent to a sports camera like GoPro.

Endurance, does it support shooting and charging? Become a benchmark for product quality. Feiyu Pocket has a battery life of 4.5 hours, supports up to 512G memory expansion, and the type c charging port supports charging while shooting. On the small pan-tilt camera, it can be described as the convenience of thinking and using. DJI Osmo Pocket can continuously shoot 4K/30fps video for 2 hours, using Type-C charging port to charge, Feiyu Pocket has more advantages in terms of battery life. User experience is another killer feature of Feiyu. The mobile phone is connected via wifi, and Feiyu Cam APP deeply connects to Feiyu Pocket via WiFi. It can transmit PTZ camera video in real-time, control the camera, and solve the problem that the LCD screen cannot be clearly monitored. Compared with the way of connecting the mobile phone on the side of the larger DJI Osmo Pocket, Feiyu Pocket must be praised for this.



In terms of price, Feiyu Pocket has an advantage. Generally speaking, the professional performance of Feiyu Pocket and good creative gameplay, price advantage and personalized humanized design are worthy of praise. Of course, DJI Osmo Pocket is also a respectable product. If you want to improve the quality of the video you shoot, it is a product worth considering investment.
What do you think of the Feiyu Pocket Camera?

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